Things to consider before choosing your

Tips to follow before choosing the perfect photographer for your hotel

Choosing a perfect photographer for your hotel can be a tricky task to perform. One of the primary reasons it is crucial is that it is not just about finding one person who helps you click some snapshots of the property but finding Someone worth investing in to attract your future guests and make the best of the marketing budget spent.

One of the significant ways hoteliers can increase the footfall of the guests in their hotels is by attracting them through visually appealing and aesthetic photographs of the property that make the guests believe that the hotel is worth visiting for their next vacation around the corner.

But how would you decide if the photographer you choose is perfect for your hotel? Well, to help you with it, here is a quick checklist of things to consider before selecting a professional photographer for your hotel.

Pick the one with the specific skillset

Each photographer would be able to click amazing pictures of some of the other things. But, picking the perfect photographer for your hotel is something you must be eyeing for. Therefore, the first thing you should look for is that the photographer should have architectural expertise and not Someone who excels in capturing human portraits.

Keeping this as the prerequisite for your campaign will automatically change the outcome of the images exponentially, and you will see visible results of this significant but straightforward trick.

Do your research

You can only find Someone to get you the exact results you are looking for when you have done your research right. This includes finding details of everything, from finding the list of architectural photographers in your areas to having reference images of how you want your hotel’s photographs to be.

However, if you wish to save yourself some time, then seeking help from experts like Websrefresh can be an excellent option to consider. It will help you focus on other aspects of work and add expertise and network that will help your project be completed with ease and get you the best results.

Communicate clearly about the budget and schedule

Whenever a project begins, the hotelier and the photographer invest time and energy to get those perfect photographs. But often in this process, if the budget or the schedule is not discussed correctly, it might lead to issues or disagreements.

Thus, it is best to discuss the availability of the hotel property when you disturb the guests least possibly and work alongside the photographer’s suggestions who have some idea about the perfect timing for the pictures.

Find Someone with a visual eye

In creative fields like photography, it is crucial to have experience and expertise to get visually appealing results. For example, if you are working with a well-experienced photographer, they would suggest the best placements of the props based on the locations, work through the lighting to get the attractive image, and play around with the hotel’s themes if there are any.

These factors sometimes get compromised if the photographer does not resonate with the requirements and the hotel guests correctly, which eventually leads to dissatisfied results for both.

Show them your Uniqueness

One of the best ways to attract more customers is by showing them the unique benefit or features they can get to experience when they book your hotel. This can only be done when your photographer excels in capturing the best photographers of those areas.

Hence, before onboarding, a professional photographer for your hotel, make it a point to adequately explain to them the unique areas of your hotel and how you would expect its images to be able to market them in the best way possible.

Discuss the turnaround time as well as the formats

Make sure to discuss the turnaround time so that delays do not obstruct your marketing strategy.

With the given budget, ask them if they would optimize the images for various platforms, clarify the resolution you shall be getting, and double-check if they would provide digital and print formats.

So, with these tips, you can make the best choice of a professional photographer for your hotel and conduct marketing campaigns that would attract more guests. However, if you feel this is too taxing and need Someone to take over the hassles, Websrefresh is at your service. We focus on photography and crafting a brand strategy that drives engagement and more bookings to your hotel. At the same time, you can look after the other work!