Why is ORM important for Hoteliers?

We all are aware that as the digital population in the country and around the world is spiking up, it is critical for hotels to maintain a positive online image. As a result, concepts and tools such as online reputation management (ORM) have emerged, and maybe that’s why it is not surprising that hotel reputation management has grown in popularity, as more and more people rely on online hotel reviews and social media to make a booking decision.


Online reputation is your visitors’ perception of digital platforms and the internet. Its popularity has risen due to the increased accessibility of the internet and the rapid growth of social media. Your brand image is typically influenced by the content it creates, followed by user engagement and reaction. But apart from all this, there are a few aspects such as negative comments, poor campaigns, security breaches, and social media that might cause hindrance in building a good reputation amongst people. And on top of that, knowing that most people trust online reviews, do you think a negative ORM would attract more people to your hotel?

Because of the abundance of options available to travelers worldwide, hotels have come to understand the concept of hotel reputation. If you want to build an excellent online reputation, reach out to us today!


Reputation management is critical for all hotels, especially when managing your online reputation. Aspects like how travelers perceive, rate, review, share and search for information about your hotel directly impact its success. Travelers are increasingly relying on online reviews posted on various travel websites.

However, most hotels cannot fully capitalize on this aspect of the modern travel market. As a result, hoteliers must recognize the significance of the enormous opportunity within ORM.


1. It aids in sales:

Before making a final decision, people conduct online research on brands, services, and products. People rely on online reviews by others who have visited a location before going there. Businesses having positive online reviews tend to attract more customers. Businesses with a poor reputation and those with the highest negative thoughts lose out on significant sales. That is why your brand must have positive online reviews.

2. It aids in the development of credibility :

Social media platforms have enabled us to voice our opinions virtually. People prefer to use trusted brands. A negative word about your brand will spread more quickly than a positive one. However, having an effective ORM strategy and addressing it promptly will assist in addressing this.

3. It attracts employees:

Reviews attract customers, but they are also crucial in attracting employees. A professional workforce is the foundation of a thriving workforce. An excellent online reputation generates many applications for any job opening.

4. The visibility shoots up on search engines:

Online reviews, particularly positive reviews, can provide businesses with numerous opportunities to increase exposure and influence with prospects. Paying attention to online reviews is critical for managing your hotel’s reputation and growing your business. Positive reviews also help increase the brand’s visibility, which helps to attract more customers. Although increased traffic does not always result in increased room bookings, it does increase the likelihood of increased occupancy of your hotel rooms.

5. Helps to boost the revenue :

In today’s highly competitive market and business environment, how people perceive your brand directly impacts your organization’s sales and revenue. As a result, it aids in increasing revenue while also establishing a good reputation.

We know that It takes ample time and effort to grow a business. Your services may be excellent, and you may be satisfying your current customers. Still, there is one critical aspect that you must consider to protect and fuel the growth of your business. And to have a good ORM, you can feel free to connect with us.

So, in this high-end guide, we saw the parameters focusing on the concept of hotel online reputation management and teaching hoteliers the importance of consistently focusing on its management by crushing their review score, improving their visitors’ feedback strategy, and providing an unforgettable guest experience!