Best Social media marketing strategies for

Social media has slowly become an integral part of everyone’s lives. From scrolling ideally when bored to posting some aesthetic pictures you clicked on your last trip, it consumes a considerable amount of your daily life.

As a business, one can encash this platform in multiple ways by having a strategic plan and doing something uniquely that brings you more revenue. For the Hotel industry, social media marketing is integral to having a strong brand presence to attract guests.

But well, we all know ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’ So, let’s dig into the details of the hotel industry’s best social media marketing strategies. Are you still looking for the best methods to increase your hotel revenue through social media? Read to know more

Optimize all social media pages

In these times when there are multiple social media platforms, your hotel’s presence on them can create a significant impact. For example, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest can be the few where your potential guests may find you. Facebook and Instagram can attract the younger audience seeking an aesthetic or unique place to stay. While the comfort and amenities might tempt the professionals on LinkedIn, they expect in their next business trip.

Thus, when you have these social platforms updated and optimized with information, images, and the official website, there are maximum chances of conversion through social media marketing.

Remember, the website will be the point where they finally book their stay at the end of the sales funnel you have created through marketing. So, make a fantastic website or seek help from experts by connecting with them.

(Read more about how to create the best award-winning website here.)

Design a unique marketing strategy for your guests

Almost 80-90% of people who stay at a hotel tend to post it on social media. The best way to take advantage of it is by crafting a marketing strategy that benefits you and your guests.

For example, think of a unique hashtag for your hotel and create an offer of a free meal or some discount or voucher that they can get if they post their stories or pictures 5 or 10 times during their stay at your hotel.

This way, you will create more posts by guests who have experienced their vacation at your hotel. And it will also create more brand awareness just through the hashtag if it’s quirky. Hence, it will be a win-win situation for both.

Paid ads

Paid advertisement is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your page or website through social media. If you have an appealing ad copy with swipe-up features in stories, it will land you many customers on your website.

But it works the best and gets the desired results only if it is targeted at the right audience. So, onboarding a specialist for this will get you good results with the amount you are willing to spend for it

Influencer Marketing and hosting Giveaways

Influencers can help you upscale your business exponentially. And with the trend of travel influencing, this can be a great way to strategize the growth for your social media handles.

Look for the famous influencers in your region, reach out to them and invite them to experience the stay at your hotel. Based on the budget, the hotels can either go for micro-influencers that agree to terms of service exchange or the macro-influencers with more followers that charge a monetary compensation on top of it. In such campaigns, hosting giveaways through the influencer’s handle can attract more guests to your hotel.

Suppose you are clueless about reaching out to influencers and running a campaign with them. In that case, you can contact the experienced team.

Don’t make it just catalog

One of the common mistakes hotels make during their social media marketing is by only posting pictures or videos of the property. Because of this, the page ends up being just a catalog of images without human connection.

This mistake can be rectified or avoided by adding more behind-the-scenes, introducing a face from the staff at regular intervals, or adding some value-driven posts around the niche to make it worthy for the followers to follow your social media page.

Thus, implementing the best social media marketing strategies for your hotel will help you create a strong brand presence and increase your revenue over time. If you feel like you are short of time, social media is not your expertise. Then we, at Websrefresh, are here to take over the social media pages of your hotel and skyrocket your business. We are a one-stop destination for social media optimization needs you might have. We are pioneers in the hotel industry, and we help you scale your hotel business through Social Media Marketing.