Ways To Win More Repeat Customers

We all are aware of how important it is to have loyal guests since they are one of the most important aspects of a hotel’s success. Today’s travelers have a plethora of hotel options to select from, resulting in fierce rivalry among hoteliers. As a result, as a hotel property owner, you must experiment with numerous techniques to convert new guests into repeat customers while also maintaining your current guest list. But how? Well, we have curated a list of 10 steps that can help you to win more repeat customers.

1. The First Impression Matters

As we all know that your first impression is your last impression. Make the best ‘first impressions’ possible. You may make a superb lasting impression by making a terrific initial impression. When any new customer enters your hotel, you must experiment with numerous methods to convert them into loyalty card members. Offer a valuable loyalty program that can be beneficial to visitors. Keep track of customers’ needs and preferences, provide a seamless check-in procedure, and aim to communicate effectively online and provide outstanding service.

2. Give Welcome Gifts

It is simple, yet it is really easy to make welcome gifts. Make personalised welcome gift baskets for your guests. You will probably find out why they are travelling (for work, pleasure, etc.) and whether they are travelling with children, pets, or a partner throughout the booking process.

3. Personalization is Important

Make it unique by adding a personal touch. Because the modern era is all about personalization, you should aim to save guest records in your hotel management software so that you can provide tailored service to both current and new guests. You can come up with creative strategies to get clients to reserve your home for future visits. Be friendly with them, ask them about themselves, and make them feel good and comfy!

4. Go Digital

Utilise Technology. To make the booking process go more smoothly, use mobile apps, keyless entrances, online confirmation, self-check-in, and other technology. Customers should not be kept waiting.

5. Render Loyalty Programs

Value-added hotel loyalty programs are available. Hotel loyalty cards are essential in consumer loyalty programs. When you are successful in enrolling new consumers in your loyalty programs, it will serve as a solid basis for your company in converting visitors into long-term clients.

6. Feedback ASAP

Negative reviews occur as a result of guests’ inability to voice their displeasure with your services. You can keep your firm from getting bad press by asking customers for input regularly. Distribute a simple questionnaire or an SMS to find out if the guests are happy with the room service, if they want a customized menu, and so on. You can get the proper responses and improve your services to experience recurring business if you ask the right questions.

7. Add on Complimentary services

Replace the complimentary breakfast with a complimentary tour to a nearby destination. Provide new guests with direct bookings and the option of variable check-in times. This might help you to attract more loyal customers, as everyone loves complimentary things!

8. Prioritize your guests

Begin communicating with them before they arrive and continue to do so throughout their stay at your hotel. Attend all of their requirements personally, and inquire if they require any special assistance.

9. Have A Good online impression

Yes, your online impression matters! Have a social media presence that is active: Show that your hotel is a living, breathing entity. Travelers hunt to know what makes your hotel special, and your social media platforms can give them an idea of what to expect during their stay. Make your hotel website impactful – Even if their search does not start there, it could make or break their decision to come or organize an event there. Prioritize SEO, publish articles, and provide a consistent end-to-end user experience.

10. Be Polite

Train your staff to create a first-class experience for your guests. Your staff play an important role in the overall guest experience, and their interactions with some guests can make or break an experience. To make a lasting impression on hotel visitors, make sure your team gives a polite and compassionate experience.

Whether it is a planner on a site visit, an event visitor, a leisure guest, or a corporate traveler, hotels should prioritize providing an exceptional experience to every guest. From the beginning to the end of your stay, how you communicate can make the difference between a bad, average, or amazing experience.

With that in mind, this was the list that we compiled for you that can amaze your guests and make their stay memorable. Do not stop here, it is the time to create wonders for your guests. Get in touch with us to know more and to wow your guests!