Email Marketing for hotels

The ultimate guide to email marketing for hotels

Over the last couple of years, the hospitality industry has faced tremendous highs and lows regarding restrictions implied. Now that things have slowly started getting back to normal, the number of travelers moving across the globe will be enormous. And if you have a hotel and haven’t explored how you can shoot up your revenue multi-folds, then here is a guide you wouldn’t regret reading and implementing!

Just because we’ve got so much information for you to benefit from, let’s jump straight into some insightful email marketing tactics that will help you grow your hotel business.

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Start from scratch

If you haven’t tried email marketing for your hotel business yet, you are missing out on one great tool to boost your business. However, it would be best to get some basics done right to get started with it. You will need your guests or potential guests signed up on your newsletter for you to reach out in their inboxes. One of the easiest ways is to design a pop-up on your website as the first thing, along with some hooking rewards that would urge them to sign up.

The rewards can include giving X percentage discount on the first stay, having a meal free, hotel room upgrades or even special discounts for events hosted. This way, with a vast audience, you can jump into the process of email marketing as the next step.

Let the FOMO do the work for you.

Remember, one of the most powerful tools to increase conversions and guests through email marketing is to use the fear of missing out (FOMO) as the tactic to invite more guests over. It can be done when you organize special events at your hotel like festival parties, pool parties, or requesting a known influencer to meet and greet.

This way, when they get exclusive discounts and feel missed out on some great gigs, the chances of conversions would increase rapidly.

Emails for bookings that stopped right before the tap

One of the most faced issues with guests for hotels is that they often abandon their bookings right before paying the final amount. Thus, this loophole can work wonders for your hotel if cracked.

Investing in a tracking tool that finds out about the people who abandoned booking for the hotel right before the last step and sending them driving emails can help you click those customers aptly.

Set the timing right

If you study the conversion funnel carefully, different people are at various funnel stages. For example, some just landed on your website and did nothing, while some surfed in details of the pricing while the last few just closed the page right before booking it.

Once you segment all these audiences and send them the right kind of email with automation tools to tap them at the funnel stage they are stuck in, that would get you far better results than sending the duplicate emails without personalization about the funnel stage. However, if this becomes too technical for you to figure out, then outsource the work to experts of the field like Websrefresh, that work their charm for your business.

Make them feel important.

Reading reviews before spending a penny is one of the most apparent behaviors noted lately. Thus, the feedback and review emails are one of those emails that would get you excellent results without you having to do much about it.

These emails can be simple: greeting them and showing gratitude about their stay at your hotel and then simply sharing a link of the google review or your social profile. They can rate their experience and write a review about it. And Voila! You will see many more guests turning up because of these reviews themselves.

Track and don’t spam

Not tracking and simply running the campaigns is one of most hotels’ biggest mistakes. With the recent tools and automation, you can now follow the guests through various ways like the opening rate of the email, the CTR, i.e., the click-through rates of the links inside the newsletter, the unsubscribe rate, and the conversion rate.