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June 16, 2024
Two Months
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Meet Perr y Naran, the driving force behind Naran Construction, a seasoned player in the construction industr y with 25 years of dedicat- ed experience. Perr y recognized the need to revamp Naran Construction’s existing website to bet ter showcase the company’s high- quality and innovative residential and com- mercial construction solutions. That’s when he turned to Websrefresh for a digital transformation.

Assessing Naran Construction's Digital Landscape

Our journey began by evaluating Naran Construction's current website and identi- f ying areas for improvement . Despite having an online presence, Perr y understood the impor tance of staying ahead in the digital realm and sought a fresh and modern redesign to bet ter represent the company's exper tise and values.


Redefining Naran Construction's Brand Identity

Websrefresh collaborated closely with Perr y to rede- fine Naran Construction's brand identity. Building upon the company's legacy, we craf ted a refreshed logo that embodied professionalism, reliability, and innovation – key at tributes that set Naran Construction apar t in the competitive construction industr y.


Transforming the Digital Showcase Naran Construction's Website Redesign

Old Website

Transforming the Digital Showcase Naran Construction’s Website Redesign 03 Old Website With a clear vision in mind, our team set out to redesign Naran Construction’s website from the ground up. The revamped site featured an intuitive navigation structure, visually striking design elements, and enhanced functionality to pro- vide visitors with an immersive and informative browsing experience.
We showcased Naran Construction’s impressive por t folio of completed projects, emphasizing the company’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Optimizing for Mobile Accessibility

Understanding the impor tance of acces- sibility in today's digital landscape, we ensured that Naran Construction's redesigned website was fully optimized for mobile devices. Now, whether poten- tial clients were browsing from a desk- top, tablet , or smar tphone, they could seamlessly explore Naran Construc- tion's construction solutions with ease.


Elevating the Content Experience

In addition to redesigning the website's layout and aesthetics, we refined the content to bet ter communicate Naran Construction's unique value proposition and exper tise. Each word was meticu- lously craf ted to resonate with the target audience, highlighting the com- pany's dedication to delivering high- quality and innovative construction solutions.

The Result : Naran Construction’s Digital Renaissance

Perr y Naran and the Naran Construction team were delighted with the results of their website redesign. The refreshed website ser ved as a power ful digital show- case, ef fectively highlighting the company’s strengths and capabilities. With a modernized brand identity and an enhanced online presence, Naran Construction was well-positioned to at tract and engage prospective clients, driving business grow th and success in the competitive construction market .

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