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June 16, 2024
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Driving Direct Bookings for Commack Inn A Websrefresh SEO & Website Success Story


In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industr y, Commack Inn, a cozy independent motel nestled at 2231 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY, sought to redefine its online presence and drive direct bookings. Aimed at reduc- ing dependency on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and their high commission rates, Mukesh Patel, the dynamic owner of Commack Inn, turned to Websrefresh for a comprehensive digital overhaul.

The Challenge

Boosting Direct Bookings and Enhancing Online Visibility.

Commack Inn faced a two fold challenge :   revamping its online image with a user-friendly, mobile – first website, and improving its search engine visibility to at tract more direct bookings. The primary objective was clear – to stand out in the digital realm and entice guests to book directly through the motel’s website, thereby bypassing OTAs and their associated costs.

Our Approach

A Tailored Website Redesign and Strategic SEO Campaign.



Crafting a Welcoming Online Home

Websrefresh embarked on creating a captivating online presence for Commack Inn, focusing on a seamless user experience. The redesigned website included key pages such as Home, Rooms, Amenities, At tractions, Accessibility, Gallery, and Contact Us, each enriched with compelling content and high- quality images. To streamline the booking process, a "Book Now" Call-to -Action (CTA) was strategically placed on every page, ensuring convenience at every click.


Embracing Mobile-First Design

Understanding the significance of mobile accessibility, the website was optimized for a mobile -first experience. This approach guaranteed that Commack Inn's website was easily navigable on any device, providing potential guests with an ef for tless browsing and booking experience.


Unleashing the Power of SEO

The next phase focused on boosting Commack Inn's visibility on search engines. Af ter a thorough competitive analysis, our team curated a list of key words and de- vised a robust SEO strategy. This strategy encompassed both on-page and of f-page SEO activities, meticulously designed to enhance the motel's online footprint .

The Outcome : A Surge in Direct Bookings and SEO Success.

The Outcome :The next phase focused on boosting Commack Inn’s visibility on search engines. After a thorough competitive analysis, our team curated a list of key words and de- vised a robust SEO strategy. This strategy encompassed both on-page and off-page SEO activities, meticulously designed to enhance the motel’s online footprint .The results of our endeavors were nothing short of remarkable. Within the first month, Commack Inn’s website witnessed an influx of over 1200 visitors, with more than 50 guests clicking the “Book Now” but ton, leading to direct bookings. Additionally, almost 5 key words ascended to the top page of search engine results, significantly increasing the motel’s online visibility.


Unleashing the Power of SEO

Key Achievements

Over 1200+ website visitors in the first month 50+ direct bookings through the “Book Now” CTA Nearly 5 key words ranking on the first page of search engine results
The Websrefresh Impact: Beyond Direct Bookings
Unleashing the Power of SEO03 Key Achievements The success of Commack Inn’s website and SEO strategy underscored the impor- tance of a holistic digital approach. By par tnering with Websrefresh, Commack Inn not only achieved its goal of increasing direct bookings but also enhanced its brand reputation and online presence.

This case study exemplifies how tailored web design and strategic SEO can trans-form the online identity of independent motels like Commack Inn. With a focus on user experience, mobile accessibility, and search engine visibility, Websrefresh continues to pave the way for hospitality businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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