7 Points you should not miss if you want to make the best award-winning hotel website

For any hotel, the website is the most effective channel to convert the people browsing through the internet into its potential guests for the future. So, it is always wise to invest time and energy to brainstorm and make the hotel's website as creative and visually appealing as possible. It urges the guests to book a stay in your hotel.

If you think this could be a tricky task, then let us help you out with it by decoding the art of how to make the best hotel award-winning website. You will see a massive change in the revenue numbers very soon.

What are the factors you should pay utmost attention to?

Highlight the hotel's Uniqueness across the website

As potential guests are willing to book a stay in the hotel's location, there are high chances that they would surf through the other competitor hotel's websites, too, to find out the best deal they might get.

During this time, if your website does not highlight the specific Unique selling points (USPs), the guests would remember and differentiate when compared with others. For example, it could be anything from exclusive rooms with jetted tub or suite rooms with the best views at a lesser cost or even a package of different things bundled up that can save your guests' time or money.

Highlight it very clearly and let it work its charm.

Resonate the website experience with your hotel

If your hotel is best known for the neighborhood adventures or exclusive amenities the hotel provides, then highlight them on the website. Then, it will quickly convince the guests to book right from their first click on your website.

Your hotel website is your online property. It should provide your guests with an experience they will be getting while staying at your hotel. An award-winning hotel website speaks of the hotel's vision and theme. To attract more guests to your hotel, connect with our professional designers.

Keep it crisp and quick.

One of the major turns off while surfing the internet is the slow speed of loading websites. Most people run out of patience and close the tab right away rather than wait. If this is the case with your hotel's website, too, then all the efforts you might have put in to make the best hotel award-winning website might go in vain.

So, make sure the page loading time and speed are quick enough to retain the potential guests through the process and the details on the website and clear and crisp and not confusing and lengthy.

Make the website user-friendly.

It is a highly crucial point to look into, as most people have different devices they use. For example, suppose your website is not compatible with various devices. In that case, it can spoil the user experience altogether, which might come in the way of your website getting the best hotel award-winning website.

Before making the website live, check for all the versions and do a pilot run to check its usability. For example, if you are using a third-party booking portal on your website, check that it runs smoothly and you do not miss out on the guests who are about to book a stay at your hotel.

Work on SEO

Even if you have a fantastic website, it won't be able to work its charm if it appears on the second or third page of the search engine. The only way to avoid this issue is to work on the SEO part of the hotel's website.

Thus, always consider getting an SEO expert on board so that it gets your hotel and the website one step closer to making the best hotel award-winning website. To get hands-on experience with our SEO experts, connect with us and help us raise your revenue.

Upload good quality pictures and Testimonials

One can't deny that most guests get attracted to booking a hotel that looks aesthetic and clean. Also, great google reviews are legit proof to trust the hotel's fantastic service.

If the hotel's website has these aspects covered, it is easy to ace the process and attract more guests to stay.!

Have a feedback/ query resolving bot feature

When you have an AI bot feature on the website that helps the guests to ease their booking experience, it gives them the confidence of your service in case of any inconvenience. And this is how the chances of them choosing your hotel increase.

With this, you cannot just help the guests, but you will also get to know about the pain points of your website compared to if there are any. It will help you improve the experience you can design for your potential guests.

We are sure that you will make an excellent website for your hotel with all the discussed points. But, if you want to end the hassle and assign this to a team of experts while you can focus on growing your hotel business, then Websrefresh is right at your service to help. In addition, we help Hoteliers create award-winning websites while giving their total attention to the hotel and the service!

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