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Here is the deal. Our company, Websrefresh is small. We employ about 10 people at any time -web programmer, web developer and professional photographer; graphic designer, excellent content writerfor SEO and Hummingbird algorithm, traffic data cruncher to keep check on those pesky ROIs*,social media guru, seasoned marketer, business consultant and president. We are not “Corporate America”. We are your “Mom and Pop’s shop”, “homemade” and custom fit. When you come in, we know you by name, we know what your order and what you like. We will often recommend to you what is best or better for you if something has changed in the World Wide Web.

In comparison, we are to a large corporation as boutique is to a big shopping mall. Instead of you shopping until you drop in hopes to find what you are looking for, we come to you and after discussion, deliver to you exactly what you need, custom fit to your size of business operation. We don’t do “generic” and “general”, websites or web services. We do “individualized” and “original”. There is no chance you will meet someone wearing that same “outfit” and looking just like you, because we made yours to be” one of a kind”. And if they do, that means they have liked your web style they are willing to copy.

As we see it, no two customers are the same or have the same needs. In the corporate world you are a “demographic”, “a number”, “John Doe” and a spread sheet data. In our world you are a long time client, a family man, a friend, “John” or “Joe”. We know you, your property and your investment and we can pretty much determine what your business needs to prosper.

Can we make you a new website in two days? No, we can’t but if a website is built in two days for the price of your dry cleaning, chances are it wouldn’t “look good” on you and will deliver more damage to your business than business to your property. Websrefresh can’t offer you “thousands of free templates to choose from”. In fact we don’t and won’t offer you any templates besides the one that we’ll design for your web look to cater to your web needs.

With our company you have a choice and voice and partnership with actual people. Our customer service phone number does not begin with 1- 800 and you don’t have to listen to elevator’s music while on hold, waiting for representative. If you call it is I who will answer you. The success of our company is directly proportional to your satisfaction with our services. Therefore we listen, we ask, we try harder and we deliver on our promises.

There is a difference between customer service and customer satisfaction. Big companies and corporations have customer service departments. Their employees are trained to deflect customer complaints and to deal with interruption of service. Websrefresh has no use for such personnel. Your satisfaction with our services is our personal responsibility and what puts food on our table and roof over our heads. We want to hear from you. We want to know how to make your business better. We study, research, inquire and consult about what works or does not, and what will deliver the most return on your investment. Your business is indeed our business and our success is measured by your success.

November is the month of gratitude and appreciation and giving thanks. I want to use this opportunity and platform to thank all of our clients.

Thank you for the loyalty and for the trust in our skill and expertise to host, build, care and grow your business. We are honored to be of your service and your satisfaction is and will remain Number One business priority!

We want and we cherish your business!

Nimesh Dinubhai,

We want and we cherish your business!


We want and we cherish your business!

We want and we cherish your business!

Phoenix, Arizona

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